12 Healthy Crazy Food Ideas You Must Try

crazy food ideas

Often times we get confused what to eat, but I am going to show you 12 crazy food ideas that are healthy and Nutritious.

My Picks: 12 Healthy Crazy Food Ideas You Must Try

Cous Cous: Marinated Chicken In Tandoori Style

Not everyones cup of tea but, I’ve made chicken marinaded overnight in yoghurt and spices, with roasted garlic and tomato cous cous, spinach, chilli, ginger, watercress, rocket, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, babycorn, mangetout, chickpeas, lemon and coriander with sriracha sauce. Trust me, this is just one of my crazy food ideas!


Parmesan cheese flakes for brunch

Ham, cheese, tomato, onion and sweet corn Fritters topped with smashed avocado, purple onion, bacon, fried cherry tomatoes,sour cream and parmesan cheese flakes for brunch.


Homemade rice pudding

Homemade rice pudding with a big dollop of jam in’t middle.
A good tip I learned growing up is to eat from the edges as it’s always cooler around the edges & hotter in the middle.


Crispy chilli chicken and egg fried rice

When you fancy a chinese takeaway but they’re all closed just make one yourself. Crispy chilli chicken and egg fried rice.

Chili Octopus

Chili Octopus-crazy-food-ideas
The best seafood and presenting some chilli Octopus poached and drizzled with garlic and spiced olive oil RATE AWAY.

Pan Fried Salmon

Pan Fried Salmon

Cooked this yesternight! Pan Fried Salmon sitting on top of thinly sliced Cucumber. Served with Cherry Plum Tomatoes, Basil and Rocket Pesto and Pea Shoot, Purple Radish and Garlic Chives Leaves. Nice light dish on a hot sunny day!!

Egg bread
Finally had some eggy bread 🙌

Not had a single egg since lockdown started then a sweet friend of mine found a tray of eggs and she gave me them 😁
Do u call it eggy bread or something else?



My delicious bouillabaisse with toasted French bread and rouille.

Started off by making a fish stock with whole red snapper, shrimp, lobster shells, fresh herbs, lemon, garlic, onions, leeks, carrots, celery, fennel and water.
My soup was filled with loads of “fresh” seafood. Manilla clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, lobster, and cod. 👍
Finished with grated gruyere, fennel fronds, Italian parsley, and a couple dollops of rouille.

Complete English Food

People seem to be confused as to what a full English consists of. I forgot to put the hash browns on the plate. The white on the chipolata is egg before you leave any rude comments and yes the beans are touching other food. Get over it.

Sausage with complete English

I’m British but currently in Germany and this is the one thing I truly miss about the UK. I had to make do with the ingredients I found. After going from store to store to find things I got it. Slate it if you want but for a “make do” situation it was pretty good. Indeed one of my favorite crazy food ideas!


My attempt at a vegan caribbean feast.


Spicy Jack Fruit “Pulled Pork”, Black Beans & Pepper with Coconut Rice and Kidney Beans. Served with Caramelised Plantain and Mango and Lime Salad.

Some vegan I like but I got to be honest with you I do love my meat! Don’t troll me please! lol

My Union Jack Battenberg Cake.

Nailed it! Yea I know! These are just crazy food ideas that are as healthy as any food a Nutritionist would recommend

Oh Scrambled eggs just for Extras!
Eggs laid yesterday by my mates chickens got feasted upon. lol

Slowly folded with Butter and milk and little salt & pepper then served on thick, buttered toast.

Nothing else needed.

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