Choking Baby? This Is How To Save The Child

how to save a choking baby

I am going to tell you in plain words what to when you have a choking baby, a lot of people are home this lockdown with kids, babies and children and one thing is certain. They put things in their mouths. Babies are capable of putting anything in their amount within a split second of you taking your eyes off them.

All it takes is just one perfectly sized object to enter and block the airway, and the next thing you might encounter is a choking baby. Babies could choke as they move on to solid to more solid food and explore by putting things into their mouth.

Please, in times like this do not panic, if you panic you might end up not being able to rescue the choking baby.


This is what to do when you have a choking baby and the hospital is far away

Please note what I said above, take these steps when the hospital is far away, it is almost the same thing the doctor would do when you get to the hospital. Now follow the steps below;


Step one: Call for help! This is very important, because no mother or anyone whatsoever would see a choking baby and not fidget. But, when you have people with you the tension becomes lesser.


In calling for help you must scream as loud as you can, because it is not the time for you and the neighbors to keep social distancing. Choking kills faster than covid19, that child could die if nothing is done fast.

Step 2: When the victim (choking baby) is a baby under the age of 1 (one) year do this; Gently Lay the baby face down across your laps and start using the heel of your palms to give gentle back blows. Please do not hit the baby as though you are trying to save an adult so you don’t end up breaking the baby’s spinal cord.


What you are doing will stimulate a vibration that will cause an upward movement and dislodge the object the choking baby had swallowed. Please ensure to use the heel of your palm, and note this might not work in the first attempt.

Step 3: If the procedure as highlighted in step 2 does not work, take the choking baby, lay the baby face up across your laps and locate the breast bone, this is the bone in the middle of the chest.


Step 4: Now you have to put two of your fingers in the middle of the chest or breast one and initiate an upward push five times very sharply! You push as though you’re pushing upwards and inwards.


Note that while doing this with full concentration you must still be calling for help if none had arrived.

Now if the choking baby is a toddler this is what you should do.

Step 1: You Kneel closely behind the choking baby and wrap your hands around the child’s stomach between the navel and ribs and pull sharply towards you upwards and inwards as you remain behind the child.

While you are at this is, you are making your way to the hospital. Keep doing these things on your way to the hospital. That is why I said, call for help.


What not to do when a baby is choking!

NEVER LEAVE THE CHILD ALONE! You must never leave a choking baby alone for any reason. You might want to run out and call for help, but do not do that; you must ensure you have eyes on the baby.


DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS INTO THE MOUTH OF A CHOKING BABY IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE OBJECT! I have seen this happen so many times, nursing mothers trying to force their hands into the choking baby’s mouth when they don’t have vision of the object. Please desist from doing this.


IF YOU HAVE TRIED THE ABOVE, START GOING TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL AND KEEP ATTEMPTING! Yes, it is the right thing you are doing and there are chances of the baby ejecting the object even before you get to the hospital


A baby who is choking will be unable to cry, cough, make any noise or breathe.

What can a baby choke on?

According to the British Red Cross things such as mucus, vomit, baby formulae, and milk can choke babies.

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