8 Amazing Lunch Ideas That Would Blow You A way

lunch ideas

I want to share some healthy lunch ideas; but does anybody else fry their nuts in butter and add chilli flakes, salt and lime to them… Or is it just me??

Well, check out these amazing lunch ideas I have outline for you. They are healthy and easy to make.

8 Amazing Lunch Ideas That Would Blow You A way

1. Black Pudding and Pork Sosig Rolls

lunch ideas

With the correct spelling Black Pudding and Pork Sosig Rolls. Minced and made my own sausage meat along with home-made rough puff pastry. All well worth the effort I have to say, I did make more than 3 also for all that effort if anyone is wondering. Thinking Lunch Ideas? Think Black Pudding and Pork Sosig Rolls!

Well, regarding the spelling, a friend said: “I’m from Northern Ireland we spell Sausage! I only every really see people from across the water spellin it sosig”


2. Chicken Roast

Lunch Ideas

My first attempt at cooking a roast. This looks gorgeous, but next time I will try a Yorkshire pudding with it.

One of my favorite lunch ideas!! Chicken roast.


3. Spaghetti

Lockdown working lunch – spaghetti (out of date) with chicken soup (Morrison’s own brand). One of my brilliant lunch ideas!

I thought spaghetti lasted years how long have I had it? LOL who cares??


4. Zinger Burgers

At home Zinger burger. Had about 5 of these in the past two days. Hot and spicy chicken breast and plastic cheese.


5. Cheese on toast


You thinking this is a crazy lunch? Well you should try it out as lunch.

Following on from eggselent breakfast this morning. I present cheese on toast (or as the Yanks call it grilled cheese)!
With a dash of garlic salt and a few drops of Habenero sauce (not too much that I can’t taste it).


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6. Penne Pasta

Penne pasta and chick pea, sweetcorn, tuna and tomato and basil sauce.
I’ve done 10km this morning after breakfast so this a just gone down a treat. Great fo brunch or lunch.


7. Vegan pattie with mac and cheese

Some of my vegan goooooooooooooooooooooodnesssssssssssssssssssssss….

I know you just can’t slate it, I know you all secretly want to go vegan and I know you’re worried about vegan cheese.

Much Monday love.


8. Homemade dough balls

The green queen strikes again! Homemade dough balls stuffed with mozzarella and homemade pesto!

Naughty but nice. Check out something similar on facebook.


Tip: Try lettuce slice chopped with onions red and white and half packet of ham mayo eat it 5days a week for work quick and easy to make hate cold pasta but this is so nice when I make a fresh batch I’ll post a picture up of it

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