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You have made a great decision: Weight loss. You have chosen to use diet and exercise as your strategies which is also great. Now, its time to get more information about exercise. I aim to give you a heads up about exercise mistakes you should not make if weight loss is your goal.

  1. Inconsistency: The secret to successful weight loss endeavors using exercise is to be slow and steady. Consistency helps you to learn exercise as a habit that your day feels incomplete without. This ensures that you not only lose weight but you maintain a healthy weight, and improve your overall wellbeing long term. In addition to exercise, a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided. Consistency also requires that you choose a workout routine and stick to it for a while and change after a while when you notice you have become adapted to it. Do not be in a hurry, start small, and then gradually increase the duration of your exercise.


  1. Using the wrong technique: The technique for exercise is also very critical to success as when wrongly done, it can lead to injury and be counterproductive. The choice of technique should depend on what is suitable for you. There are generally different types of exercise techniques: Aerobic exercise also popularly called Cardio is a component of many fitness and weight loss regimen as it increases breathing, improves blood circulation, build endurance and burns calories. Another technique is High-intensity Interval training (HIIT). Voted second on the top 20 fitness trends for 2020, it alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. Other exercise techniques are Strength training, stretching, and balance exercises.

A workout regimen should start first with a warm-up. Before entering into the intense activity, it is necessary to do a few light exercises that will warm up the muscle to make them elastic and flexible, prepare the heart to pump more blood as well as the lungs for the coming exercise. This prevents injury to the body. A recovery period at the end of the exercise is also necessary to ensure that the body has some time to cool down and rejuvenate. A static stretch immediately after an intense workout and 12 hours interval before the next exercise are recovery options.

  1. Using improper form: Closely related to using the improper technique, is using improper form. This involves activating the wrong muscle group when you don’t take the proper posture for an exercise. This places undue stresses on the muscles and connective tissue and can result in injury and pain. An example of this is hunching your back when riding a bike preventing you from breathing in enough oxygen and impeding weight loss.


  1. Ignoring water: This can lead to dehydration making you weak, dizzy, and preventing weight loss despite good exercise efforts. Water should be taken before, during, and after exercise. Water is necessary to keep the joints lubricated, facilitate metabolism, and regulate body temperature. The amount of water to drink depends on the intensity and duration of the workout, your weight, and height. Although there are guidelines for the volume of water to drink during exercise, a research done to compare voluntary requests for water during the exercise against a strict dictated drinking regimen showed that voluntary drinking yielded better exercise performance although drinking more than 800ml per hour is not recommended.
  2. Wearing the wrong gear.: The right exercise ensures you are comfortable and can exercise unhindered when weight loss is the goal. Exercise gear should help you stay cool during the regimen. The fabric chosen should be breathable such that they absorb sweat from your skin and evaporate them quickly keeping you cool. The clothes should also be loose fitting and stretchy to enable you to move freely.

For ladies, a comfortable supportive sports bra is very essential. Without this bra, the breast tissue can become stretched and big breasted women experience a lot of discomforts which discourages them from working out and prevents weight loss. Finally, good comfortable shoes are necessary to protect the legs and ankles. Aerobic shoes have shock absorbers that cushion the foot and prevent fatigue.


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