12 Healthy Recipes For Family Meals

I have always had a thing or two for healthy recipes for family meals; I do not know why I, but maybe because I grew up in a large family setting. We were like 12 actually. LOL.


1. Portobello Mushroom Farfalle with fresh garlic, onion, tomato and chive in a light cream sauce seasoned with sea salt and black pepper. Ancient grain garlic bread on the side.

2. Bacon potato and cheese cake with onions and peppers and a cheese sauce with a side of vegetable. Simply amazing healthy recipes for family meals.

3. Hamburger Meat Meal
Since y’all didn’t like my smothered hamburger steak here is another hamburger meat meal that’s high in protein and low-fat KETO by your one and only Layne C. Just another yummy on the list of healthy recipes for family meals.

4. Chicken and Chips

Really wanted fish and chips, best I could do at home with no fryer.

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5. Pigs In A Blanket

How about these pigs in a blanket?! For you English folks who have no clue!!
The term “pigs in a blanket” often refers to hot dogs, Vienna sausages, cocktail or breakfast and link sausages wrapped in biscuit dough, pancake, or croissant dough, and baked. The first written record of pigs in a blanket occurs in Betty Crocker’s Cooking for Kids in 1957.

6. Rib Eye Twice Defrosted With Mediterranean Veg

Should have been yesterday’s supper but we were having a domestic so couldn’t be bothered. Anyway tonight Rib eye twice defrosted with Mediterranean veg and twice cooked cauliflower cheese and triple chips. Who knows why I bother.

7. Southern Fried Chicken with Hassle Back Potatoes (Healthy recipes for family meals)

Dinner / Tea, what do you all call it? Dinner tonight, homemade southern fried chicken with hassle back potatoes cooked in garlic butter , salad with mayo and crunchy onion bits for texture of course 🥰

8. Cod and Chips With Parsley Sauce And Peas (Healthy recipes for family meals)
So this is cod and chips with parsley sauce and peas. The TTD cod loin was in the oven for twenty minutes, and the chips were quite finely cut and deep fried in rape oil and whatnot for as long as one fries chips for. The peas were simply boiled, and the parsley and white wine sauce was just in a sachet that I microwaved. It is served with a Hungarian pinot grigio and Pigs which is a beer I’ve never had before.

9. Toasted ciabatta roll, topped with ‘god’s butter’

Breakfast of a toasted ciabatta roll, topped with ‘God’s Butter’ (a recipe from Sarah Philpott’s book, ‘The Occasional Vegan’, of a pea, mint and avocado spread), fried smoked tofu from Yipin, roasted tomatoes, pickled yellow cherry tomatoes, avocado halves, sprinkled with chilli flakes, Cornish Sea Salt and fresh mint. Paired with a strong cup of Hard Lines Coffee’s ‘House Party’ blend.

10. All beef hot dog (Healthy recipes for family meals)

I know y’all are going to judge the appearance. I’ll do all of a favor and give it a 0/10 for appearance for ugliness and my paper plate

BUT the taste was top notch!! All beef hot dog on a garlic toasted bun, pickle, cheese, hand battered bacon and onion rings, and my speciality garlic mayo. I’m ready for the mean comments but l don’t care because the taste is amazing .

11. Fika of Bagaren Och Bonden’s ‘Smörlängor’

Healthy recipes for family fika

Having a Fika of Bagaren Och Bonden’s ‘Smörlängor’ essentially a very decadent brioche loaf, studded with locally grown rhubarb and topped with sugar. Served with some pear slices, blueberries and blackberries paired with a pot of Lilla Kafferosteriet’s ‘Peru’ single origin.

12. 2 Fillets and Tiger Prawns! (Healthy recipes for family meals)

Proper surf and turf! 2 (two) Fillets and Tiger Prawns!

If you don’t like steak like that I don’t like you

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