7 Best Foods You Can Have Away From Home

These are the best Foods I have had away from home

1. Scones

I moved from the UK to USA a few years ago and I’ve been craving scones and clotted cream since. You can’t buy it where I live, but I managed to make the cream by slow cooking whipping cream. It turned out better than expected! Baked some scones, and a fruit cake loaf to enjoy with a bit of wensleydale on top.

I actually think Americans have a lot to learn about scones, New Zealand too. I have been in New Zealand and they only serve savoury scones in most places! LOL!

2. Pizza in a margherita


As yesterday’s pizza with baked beans was such a success! Today’s pizza is a margherita with chicken chow mein topping!

3. Loco Moco

Loco Moco (Hawaiian comfort food) wish i made a bigger burger but live and learn. Even the rice looks decent.

4. Marmite on toast


My mum is from England, everything she has offered me has been welcomed with open arms… and you can go ahead and lump vegemite in as well. *gags in american*


5. Heinz tomato soup with rice, mature cheddar cheez on potato

Simple fare…Heinz tomato soup with rice, mature cheddar cheez on potato bread toast with HP layered delicately inside and Heinz beenz to complete the meal. Dash of pepper and paprika for a little spice and color. Slate or rate…I’m not going to bed hungry. Are you?

6. Baked lamb heart and ‘duck fat’ fried cabbage

Baked lamb heart and ‘duck fat’ fried cabbage. Crispy outside, pink in the middle. Perfect.
How many other heart lovers are out there ?? I also love stewed ox hearts

I do think it’s a waste not using every part of an animal if we’ve killed it to eat it! Look up how much is wasted…that’s the real sickening thing.

Oh, by the way, Anyone ever had cow’s heart??? about the size of my head, which is quite abnormally big…and the arteries are like london underground….cook it wrong it’s like eating the tyre of a car…cook it right it’s like eating a tyre of a bicycle..yum

7. Sushi (Salmon, tuna, shrimp, and crab)

Made some sushi for the first time. Salmon, tuna, shrimp, and crab were used as far as meat goes. Then I made eel sauce, mango sauce, and spicy mayo for the sauces. Avocado scallions, asparagus, and cucumbers for veggies. Made spicy tuna and salmon, steamed the crab and some shrimp and made shrimp tempura for one of the rolls.

Rate my plates guys! tell me what you think

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