9 Crazy Food Ideas That Will Impress You

Today, I will be showing you some crazy food ideas you would never had wanted to try! These recipes are delicious and wild!

So here are my crazy food ideas:

1. cheeky tapas

Some cheeky tapas for tea! cajun fillet steak medallions, beef in ginger, pork strips in mushroom and cream, prawns in paprika, steamed broccoli and stuffed halkidiki olives nom nom

2. Crispy Golden Scallops

Oooohhh lovely I’ve just made these Crispy Golden Scallops with a sprinkling of proper Rock salt..No Vinegar ..Who else remembers this nice cheap moreish treat?

3. Hot sugared “cronuts”…

Cut up canned croissant dough into even pieces, deep fry at 170c ish for until they go a nice golden shade. Drain, dredge, eat. One can makes enough for three or four people.

4. Nuttela and baileys ice cream

Home made nuttela and baileys ice cream 😋 with pancakes strawberry cream and caremel sauce.

5. Custom rub

Custom rub pork belly with spiced wedges, bbq bacon beans, mac n Cheese and Runners. Went down a storm

6. Chicken legs, poached egg, fried jalapeños and peppercorn sauce

crazy food ideas
7. Chicken thighs, mushrooms, asparagus

Stir fried chicken thighs, mushrooms, asparagus and peanuts with lots of chilli

8. Rib Eye Steak

21 day matured ribeye steak baby leaf springs tomatoe speyside blk pudding and lorn square slice sausage braw.

9. marmite and Oxo roasties

Thought I’d try marmite and Oxo roasties so they look dark but are supposed to and are perfectly fluffy on the inside. Med-rare steak with plenty of steak seasoning. And veg as I’m on slimming world. Rate away

If you do not know, now you know! These are indeed crazy food ideas.


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