How To Avoid Hyperlipidemia: Fat In Your Blood


Just recently  my friend’s aunt went to see her doctor after I advised it was very necessary to go for routine checks even when we are feeling well. While she was at the Doctor’s she checked the level of her lip. Guess what? results shows her lipid level was very high and abnormal.

I am sure you must have seen this picture before, the picture shows blood sample collected from a patient. The upper portion you are seeing is (fat), it is very evident that this person had very high levels of fat in their blood including cholesterol.

We should however be informed that one can inherit this kind of condition through genetics, others get it because of their lifestyle.

This patient with the above blood sample is suffering from a condition called hyperlipidemia and it is treatable, but if not treated on time could lead to serious complications that could result to heart disease.

There are foods that contain high amounts of cholesterol and fat that can contribute to this condition. They include:

Ice cream


Fried foods

Ice cream

Processed foods

Red meat

Cakes, etc.
Some people think that eating these type of food is to display their level of wealth and riches. May wisdom fall on them.

You should check your lipid levels, talk to your doctor about it.

It’s not something you can tell you have or see the symptoms until it has caused a problem, which can be a heart attack, stroke etc

The only way to know is to check.

What can you do?

Eat food low in fat
Take lots of fibre: oats,beans, etc
Include fish in your diet
Exercise often.
Lose the extra weight.

Please read and share this article with friends and family as you could be can saving lives.


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