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7 Best Foods You Can Have Away From Home

These are the best Foods I have had away from home 1. Scones I moved from the UK to USA a few years ago... Read more »

8 Crazy Food Ideas You Must Have

Topping the list of my crazy food ideas today, I present to you, cheese on 'toast'. What's special about that I hear you ask?... Read more »
Home made foods

10 Amazing Home Made Foods Even Vegans Love

10 Amazing Home Made Foods Even Vegans Love: 1. Long grain rice with quinoa FOR VEGANS ONLY !!!! Long grain rice with quinoa, lots... Read more »

How To Avoid Hyperlipidemia: Fat In Your Blood

Just recently  my friend's aunt went to see her doctor after I advised it was very necessary to go for routine checks even when... Read more »
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8 Amazing Lunch Ideas That Would Blow You A way

I want to share some healthy lunch ideas; but does anybody else fry their nuts in butter and add chilli flakes, salt and lime... Read more »
Foods that makes you last longer in bed

6 Foods That Makes You Last Longer In Bed

6 Foods that makes you last longer in bed: If you want to be a champ in bed and have your partner look forward... Read more »

6 Foods That Help Your Heart Against Diseases

There are certain food you should eat if you want to improve the healthiness of your heart. These are foods that help your heart... Read more »

9 Crazy Food Ideas That Will Impress You

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TOP 10 FAT BURNING FOODS FOR WOMEN: The secret to weight loss is a calorie deficit. The number of calories you ingest should be... Read more »
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8 Healthy Foods to Ease Premenstrual Syndrome Naturally

 Premenstrual Syndrome: If you’re a female reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you must have had one painful or slightly uncomfortable period in... Read more »