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7 Best Foods You Can Have Away From Home

These are the best Foods I have had away from home 1. Scones I moved from the UK to USA a few years ago... Read more »

8 Crazy Food Ideas You Must Have

Topping the list of my crazy food ideas today, I present to you, cheese on 'toast'. What's special about that I hear you ask?... Read more »
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10 Amazing Home Made Foods Even Vegans Love

10 Amazing Home Made Foods Even Vegans Love: 1. Long grain rice with quinoa FOR VEGANS ONLY !!!! Long grain rice with quinoa, lots... Read more »

9 Crazy Food Ideas That Will Impress You

Today, I will be showing you some crazy food ideas you would never had wanted to try! These recipes are delicious and wild! So... Read more »
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12 Healthy Crazy Food Ideas You Must Try

Often times we get confused what to eat, but I am going to show you 12 crazy food ideas that are healthy and Nutritious.... Read more »


I strongly believe eating healthy is about eating desirably; these recipes for healthy living I am about to show you are all locally sourced... Read more »