What NOT TO do during Seizures or Convulsions

While discussing seizure and convulsion I encountered a very fine young man arguing on my social media handle that his mother saved a person’s life with palm oil and spoon when the person was suffering seizure and convulsing. Sincerely I was shocked to the marrow but I did not counter his claim just yet; I had to wait and listen to the point he was trying to prove.

In his words: “You add blended onion to the palm oil and you massage the person’s body with the mixture, apply some into the person’s eyes.”

I was Appalled!! This is to say the least. This is because I know seizure or convulsion is the moment whereby the muscles contract in an uncontrollable manner as a result of electrical charge released at the same time by a large number of cells in the human body.

Allow victims space during seizure

Would her concoction or simple mix of ingredients found in the regular Nigerian kitchen stop seizure or convulsions? A capital NO! Those are just myths; they are not real and the lack scientific proofs.

The young man’s mother could have killed a person. I have witnessed it happen live in my prsence before. The truth is; in most cases of seizures the victims are always unconscious and it is bad to try to force spoon into their mouth or palm oil.

It is absolutely wrong to force objects into the mouth of a person convulsing, either child or adult.

Let me explain how.

In the human throat there are two pipes, one of the pipes links to your lungs that exchange air, while the other leads to the stomach for food. Both pipes have a common entrance at the back of the human throat.

On the pipe is a flap that is over the pipe that sends air to the lungs called the epiglottis.

It is worthy to note that the flap stops food or water from entering into the human lungs as the could be very distressing and dangerous. If you have noticed, whenever you swallow food or drink and talk at the same time the food tends to enter into the wrong pipe and this causes you to cough.

Well, worry not, the cough triggers a process that aims to to remove the particles of food that may have entered into your windpipe. And, have you noticed you cannot stop coughing until your windpipe is clear?

Since you have know what convulsion means, it is only right to inform you that most convulsions seizures will end by themselves  without any medical intervention. You don’t even have to do anything except make sure the person does not hurt himself or herself in the process of convulsing.

What NOT TO do during seizures or convulsion

1. When you walk in on a person convulsing please do not panic and don’t give the victim anything to eat.

What to do

The first thing to do in situations like this is lay them on their side, preferably their left side.

Ensure to remove every tight clothing eg belts, ties, jean

Clear the surrounding and ensure you take them away from danger zone, exposed wires, fire etc

Be time cautious and time the episode, if the seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes take them to a hospital for a physician to check.

Now back to my friend and other readers, whether your mum did anything or not, most seizures would end on their own. She might have placed a life at risk by doing that. Popular twitter influencer and doctor with the handle Aproko_doctor confirmed this during one of his daily health threads on twitter.

You can tell her this because young mothers might look up to her for advice and end up hurting their own children.

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